Hey, I'm Prajwal Krishnan

I'm a full time developer and entrepreneur. You’ve found my personal slice of the internet – check out my blog while you're here or if you're interested to learn more about me, click here.

Feel free to reach out via email or social media with any enquiries using the links down below. You can reach out to me if you have web development gigs too.


Tech Stack

This website's tech stack.

Next JSMy JS framework for this website.
Chakra UIMy CSS framework for this website.
BlogI use next-mdx-remote pages for my blog posts.
Real-Time StatisticsMultiple api routes that fetch my real-time social media data using Next.JS serverless functions.
Realtime Blog Post View/Like CountI use Google's Firebase to store view and like counts for my blog posts.
VercelI use Vercel to deploy my app.

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